Kishore Pallapothu

Educational Credentials:

  • Texas A&M University : Master’s Degree in Computer Science
  • Nagarjuna University : Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Professional Experience

KBased in Silicon Valley, Mr. Kishore Pallapothu is a tech guru, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Known for having a keen eye for identifying talent and business potential, he has both invested and worked with startups, mid-level firms, and enterprises involved in new-age technologies and innovations. Over the years, he has successfully formed strategic alliances developing long-lasting and robust collaborations with venture capitalists specializing in accelerating global scale transitions across industries. 

As a leading investor and entrepreneur, Mr. Pallapothu specializes in Cloud Infrastructure, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, Mobile Infrastructure, and Application Security, along with other tech-based applications concerned with Construction and Real Estate industry.

Over the years, Pallapothu has generated significant impact through his multiple entrepreneurial ventures. At present, he is the Founder and CEO of the AI-based Human Resource management platform ChoozeHire, which automates various critical steps leading up to the hiring process. 

In 2003 he founded SysnetTechnology Solutions. The company was acquired later by Astir IT Solutions (New Jersey), aiming to expand its operations along the West Coast. He has multiple ventures under his name, including the Thompson Infosystems and more before that. 

At the beginning of his career, Pallapothu worked as a Senior Engineer with the Oracle Corporation (Redwood City HQ). Later on, he switched jobs to the global CRM enterprise, Siebel Systems, taking up the role of Project Team Lead. The company was later acquired by Oracle Corporation.

From his humble beginnings to becoming an influential name in the Silicon Valley, Mr. Pallapothu has proven his acumen to be much more than just an entrepreneur and tech genius, time and again. He is deeply involved in various philanthropic activities and regularly volunteers for multiple non-profit organizations working to improve and recover the life-state of underprivileged communities and low-wage workers. He has close involvement with SkillWiki, which is a non-profit that helps low-wage workers to learn IT skills, enabling them to get a high-wage job. 

Mr. Pallapothu has been highly acclaimed for his notable and ground-breaking contributions at the West Valley Community Services, which is dedicated to improving the lives of the underprivileged and the homeless in the region, by eliminating poverty and creating jobs. The non-profit is active in Cupertino, Monte Sereno, West San Jose, Saratoga, and Lost Gatos. Pallapothu supports the food and housing services offered to families by the organization. 

Awards & Recognition

  • ASA Elevate Award : Kishore Pallapothu’s organization was honored with the 2019 Elevate Award from the ASA for its contributions in supporting the non-profit SkillWiki, specifically for facilitating the ‘Invest in Yourself’, Career Enhancement Program. The program addresses the problem of lack of skills in the IT community and offers solutions in creating training opportunities. 
  •  Award by the West Valley Community Services  The West Valley Community Services honored and acknowledged Kishore Pallapothu’s dedicated volunteer work and contributions in uplifting the underprivileged communities. 

Philanthrophic Work & Contributions

  • SkillWiki Kishore Pallapothu is presently the Founder and the CEO of the non-profit organization SkillWiki. It creates programs to support the low-wage workers in acquiring proper and advanced training on new-age IT technologies to gain competence, qualification, and skills for a well-paid tech job.
  • Volunteering Work at West Valley Community Services in Cupertino : Kishore Pallapothu regularly volunteers at the West Valley Community Services and has been recognized for his philanthropic work and contributions. Over the years, he has dedicatedly provided support services in the form of food and housing to all homeless individuals and families struggling economically in and around Cupertino, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, Saratoga, and West San Jose.

Kishore Pallapothu’s Current Company:

26250 Industrial Blvd, Suite # 32 Hayward CA 94545
Phone Number : (408) 868-8304
Email ID :
Website :